Přepis poslechu podzimního didaktického testu z AJ 2023

Podívejte se na přepis poslechu podzimního didaktického testu 2023, který vám skvěle poslouží jako studijní materiál pro kontrolu toho, jak jste si vedli v poslechové části u maturit z angličtiny a jak jste textu porozuměli. Přepis poslechu také velmi dobře poslouží při přípravě na další ročníky státních maturit z anglického jazyka. Přepis maturitního poslechu z angličtiny 2023 pro vás připravil exkluzivně Nový Amos. Mnoho úspěchů nejen při maturitě z angličtiny.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

1. How did Tom get to work today?

A: Hi Tom! How are you today?
B: Hello Sarah, I’m fine. Although the journey to work was tiring. Normally, I take a bus but today I got up earlier and decided to ride my bike to work. When I was ready to go, it started to rain, so I took my umbrella and ran to the bus station instead. Unfortunately, I missed my bus, and waiting 20 minutes for another bus seemed too much to me. So, I hurried to the station to catch a train. I was there just in time. That made me happy, because I thought I would have to take a taxi. Luckily, that wasn’t necessary. Taking a taxi can be quite expensive these days. I hope to ride my bike after work.

Úloha 2

2. Which dining room set does the woman want to have?

Hi, Pete. I’ve just seen a black dining room set with a square table and two chairs.
The one you were talking about. Listen. I’ve noticed they also have the same set, but in white. That white one is quite similar to what I had in mind. Just, it seems that a square table with two chairs looks quite strange. I think there’s too much empty space without two more chairs. The shop also offers both black and white sets with a round table. Those look fine with two chairs, but we really need two more chairs. And as our dining room is quite small, a round table with four chairs would hardly fit in there. So we need a square one. And I know you said you prefer the black color, but we mustn’t forget that the furniture in our dining room is white. So the color of the new set must definitely be the same, no matter how much you like the black set. What do you think?

Úloha 3

3. What does the wife want her husband to do this Saturday?

A: Ah, darling, thank God it’s Friday. I can’t wait to rest tomorrow.
B: What do you mean, rest? There are so many things to do, like cutting the grass, for example.
A: But that can wait. It’s the middle of October. It’ll grow again, and it has to be cut once more before winter anyway.
B: But the grass will be twice as long as it is now. Why can’t you cut it tomorrow?
A: I’d rather wash the car. That’s more urgent than cutting the grass. And I can wash Tommy as well. The poor dog needs a bath.
B: You’re right. The car is really dirty, but no need to clean it this Saturday. And washing the dog isn’t a bad idea either. I’ll do it. But cutting the grass is really necessary. I wish you would do it tomorrow.
A: Fine. But do you know what else? I’ll call Mr. Ripley, as I promised last Saturday. He’ll finally fix the dishwasher.
B: Yes, please, do that right away.

Úloha 4

4. Where will Barry have his birthday party?

A: My birthday’s coming soon.
B: Well, what do you feel like doing on that day, Barry?
A: A party in a park would be great, but all the parks are far from my home and taking all the stuff I need there is impossible.
B: Well, how about somewhere near your flat, then? The garden behind your building?
A: That’s useless. It’s a mess.
B: Right. And renting one of those party boats?
A: Sounds good, but I’ve only got just enough money for the refreshments.
B: The terrace at our house, then? It’s large enough for a party. I could ask my parents. I’m sure they’d agree.
A: That’s really nice of you, but I don’t think I’d be comfortable with that. Anyway, if you help me clean up the place behind our building, I’ll have it there, after all.
B: Sure. I’m in.

2. část poslechu

A: Hi, Alice.
B: Hi, Billy. I’m glad you’re here. Come in.
A: Good to see you again. We haven’t seen each other for ages.
B: Yeah, sorry. I know we planned to see each other in February. When you came to see me in the hospital two weeks after Christmas and we arranged the meeting, I thought my broken leg would be okay by February, but it wasn’t.
A: Oh, I hope you’re okay now.
B: Yes, I am. And how are you? I’ve heard you have a new girlfriend, dear cousin.
A: Well, yes. And it’s serious now. Her name’s Lily, and she’s as old as you, very smart and lovely.
B: Oh, then she’s five years younger than you. I hope to meet her soon.
A: You will. My parents also like her very much.
B: Great. And how are they?
A: They’re fine. They wanted to invite you to a party at their house a week ago. My mom called you, but you didn’t answer.
B: I wish I had your mother’s number in my contact list. I only have Uncle John’s. See, I don’t answer unknown calls.
A: It’s a pity you missed the party. It was really good. Anyway, I hope you won’t miss my wedding.
B: You’re getting married? Congratulations! When?
A: Well, because of colder weather, I’d prefer getting married in September. That would be the best time for me. But as I love my girlfriend very much, and August is the month she chose, I respected her wish. We’re now inviting friends and family. I hope you’ll be able to make it.
B: I love weddings. I can’t wait to see the bride’s dress.
A: Please, let’s not talk about wedding dresses. I still remember the chats we had about yours. Although I found it beautiful, I didn’t like talking about your wedding dress all the time.
B: All right. Well, I can’t wait to tell my sisters. But who should I tell first? Probably Emma. But then Susan will be upset. I’ll have to tell them both at the same time.
A: Don’t! I want to invite the twins myself.
B: They’ll be excited. Well, Billy, did you know that my sister Emma works as a wedding agent now? She has organized quite a few weddings. She could help you. She’s very popular.
A: Oh, I know she is. I’ve heard about her business. Anyway, I don’t feel like asking her for help. I want my girlfriend to be happy and I know your sister. Although people say she is reliable, my experience with her is different. I’m pretty sure she would only look for excuses and things wouldn’t be done the way we expect. We need someone we can trust. Now, you said you’d prepare sandwiches.
B: Oh, I wanted to make them before you came, but you got here early. I guess making them together will be more fun than if I prepared them myself.
A: Okay, then.

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak zvládnout ústní maturitu z angličtiny na jedničku?

3. část poslechu

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ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Otázky zkoušejícího u ústní maturity z angličtiny

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak se u ústní maturity představit a udělat skvělý první dojem?

4. část poslechu

Úloha 21

21. Which rule regarding the shared fridge must everyone follow?

A: So this is the kitchen, Jane. And here’s the fridge we all share. Just remember there’s a rule for using the fridge.
B: Oh sure, it was the same in my previous job. We had to put our names on our food. That was the rule.
A: Here it’s different, although such a rule was suggested. But how do you write David on grapes, for example?
B: Don’t you keep everything in plastic boxes?
A: Only a few people do, and they wish it was a rule for everyone. We even voted on it, but most people were against it.
B: I would be too. Putting everything into plastic boxes won’t prevent the food from spoiling. 
A: Last month, I myself had to throw away my box with smelly contents.
B: Oh, yuck. In my previous job, we kept finding spoiled milk and juice in the fridge door.
A: Here, it doesn’t matter where in the fridge you put your food and drinks. As long as you make sure it’s okay on the last day of each month, that’s what we all must do.

Úloha 22

22. How does the man learn a foreign language?

My way of learning a foreign language? I’ve been learning for ages and tried almost every method. All my teachers were telling me that the best way is to live and work abroad. Well, it’s a very nice idea, but I know I would be homesick. I like my home and the culture that surrounded me when I was growing up. I can’t even imagine going out with a person from another country. I need somebody who laughs at our typical jokes and knows why. Some people also say watching movies with subtitles helps them, but I just want to concentrate on all the visual details and it’s impossible while reading at the same time. So, back to the desk in the classroom once again. Attending a language course works for me. That’s where I like meeting foreigners.

Úloha 23

23. What does the woman think of her holiday in Rome?

This year, I decided to have a four-day holiday in Rome. My mum warned me that four days would be too short to see everything. But the flight tickets, which are usually expensive, were such a reasonable price that I booked a return one. However, I was quite surprised at how expensive the hotels were. Luckily, a friend of mine invited me to stay in her flat. And as I knew I’d save a lot of money that way, I started to look forward to a fun holiday. Her flat was very comfortable, but after each trip from there to the city centre, I always felt like I needed to rest. I had to change buses many times, and I even got lost. My friend thought it was funny, but it actually spoiled my holiday. I had enough time to see everything, but after four exhausting days, I’m glad the whole stay is over. Now, I’m going for a wellness weekend where I hope to relax and have fun.

Úloha 24

24. What does the man advise Jane to do?

A: I’ve been feeling so tired lately. Maybe I should ask my doctor to give me some pills. They might help. Or maybe I should go on holiday again, even though I’ve just returned from one. What do you think?
B: Jane, I’m not the kind of person who would advise someone to take pills. If I were a doctor, instead of giving you pills, I would send you to the gym.
A: Oh, but why? I watch my weight and I don’t eat too much. I’m sure the doctor knows what he’s doing when he tells me that taking some pills will make me less tired.
B: But people don’t do exercise only to lose weight. Anyway, I even think you should put on some. I work out just to feel fine and you should try the same. By the way, a holiday is usually a great idea. But you’ve just come back from one and aren’t feeling any better. Trust me and do as I say.

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