Přepis poslechu jarního didaktického testu z AJ 2022

Podívejte se na přepis úloh poslechu jarního didaktického testu 2022, který vám skvěle poslouží jako studijní materiál pro kontrolu toho, jak jste si vedli v poslechové části u maturit z angličtiny a zda jste textu skutečně rozuměli. Přepis poslechu také velmi dobře poslouží při přípravě na další ročníky státních maturit z anglického jazyka. Přepis maturitního poslechu z angličtiny 2022 pro vás připravil exkluzivně Nový Amos. Mnoho úspěchů nejen při maturitě z angličtiny.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

1. Which pet is Mary going to get for her 15th birthday?

A: Ever since I was 5 and my friend got his first puppy, I liked playing with dogs and wanted one too. But my mom never allowed me to have one. Then, I asked for a cat, but with the same result. When I was a bit older, I saw a little rabbit at an exhibition. I decided to persuade my mom to buy me one. She said I’d have to wait until I was 15 and she suggested buying me a fish. I agreed that a fish is easy to take care of, however, you can’t play with it. So, I refused. But guess what? My mom didn’t forget. Today is my 15th birthday and I’m finally going to get my pet. I’ve already bought it some fresh carrots and I can’t wait to touch its soft fur and long ears. Hopefully, when my mom sees I’m able to take care of this pet, next birthday I’ll at least get a cat. But I’d be even happier with a dog, of course.

Úloha 2

2. What final design of the new football team T-shirts does coach David suggest?

A: Hi Jerry, it’s coach David. I’m calling about the new design of our football team T-shirts. Listen, I tried to view the design with the team logo on the back and the number over it on my computer like I wanted it. But it looks horrible. I know you told me that the number and the team logo can’t be in the same place, but we can’t put the logo on the sleeves, it would be too small. So, what if I had the numbers printed on the sleeves and left the team logo on the back? Do you agree? Now, I didn’t want to print the players’ names on the T-shirts at all. You know how often we change players. But you were right when you said that during a match people need to know who is who. So, I agree that the logo and the number aren’t enough and names will be necessary. What do you think? Call me.

Úloha 3

3. What are the girls not planning to do together this Saturday?

A: So, what shall we do this Saturday?

B: Definitelly not going to spend the whole of Saturday in the shopping centre like last time. Besides, I thought we had already agree to go for a walk in Central Park on Saturday morning, right? 

A: I know but I really need to buy a new summer dress. Would you mind going to the shopping centre with me and helping me choose one after the walk?

B: But I hope it won’t take long because I’ve got 2 tickets to the cinema for two o’clock. It’s my sister’s birthday so I’m taking her there. And I was hoping to have a coffee with you somewhere before the film.

A: Don’t worry, I need to by at home by two anyway. I’m sure we’ll have enough time, and not only for the coffee.

B: Alright.

Úloha 4

4. How are the friends going to get home from the party?

A: Anna, I know I promised my dad would give us a lift to the party but he can’t. How about we ride our bikes there?

B: Bikes? Jake, in my dress? Well then, my dad will drive us there in his car and we can take a night bus to get back home. Afterall, it’s only 3 stops from our place.

A: No, it isn’t. This party is in the New Sports Club and there’s no direct night bus going our way. So if you don’t want to ride your bike, we’ll have to ask your father to come by car and pick us up too.

B: I’m afraid it would be too late at night for my dad. Okay then, we’ll walk. 

A: Are you sure? Walking at night is not the safest way to get home. Besides, it would take over an hour. Well okay, I’m not against taking the bus then, but we’ll have to change twice. 

B: It won’t be that bad, Jake. You will see. And definitely safer than riding our bikes at night.

A: Okay.

2. část poslechu

A: What a great afternoon, Oliver! I mean in spite of the rain we had a great time. And thank you for taking me to that art gallery.

B: No problem, Sally. You know I’m not a big fan of art, so I was thinking that after the gallery we could have dinner in that new restaurant next to the cinema. So, when you suggested going to the cinema instead of having dinner, I was a bit disappointed. But now I’m happy we went. The comedy was great.

A: It was, wasn’t it? The tickets were a bit expensive, though. I know it was my turn to buy them and I was hoping that after buying the tickets for both of us I’d have some money left for popcorn, but I didn’t. 

B: Don’t worry about it. I don’t like popcorn anyway. People make so much noise eating it in cinemas. That’s why I was glad that we ended up at the very back, so nobody could sit behind us and eat. That’s what I hate the most.

A: But you are annoyed so easily.

B: Because some people’s behavior is terrible. But the guy on my left was quiet and did nothing that would make me angry. If he’d been laughing out loud, talking, checking his phone, you know… those are the things that annoy me about people sitting next to me in the cinema.

A: Hmm, I’m glad that I checked my phone before the film started. I can imagine the look on your face if I had forgotten to turn it off.

B: But, I noticed you left it on anyway. All you did was check your messages.

A: Did I? Let me see. It’s been on the whole time? Luckily nobody called or texted.

B: That’s not funny. Well, anyway, how did you like the actors in the film? I was happy to see Jessica Dalton, my favourite actress. I just wish she had played one of the main characters, she would have been great. But, as the main character’s mother she was also amazing. 

A: She was, indeed. I didn’t expect a comedy to end with such a long monologue. I like endings like these. I just didn’t believe that even a comedy could end like this. I think it’s unusual.

B: So do I. How about spending next Saturday afternoon together again? We can go to that restaurant next to the cinema, where I wanted to go today. We can eat and have a chat about films we like. I’ll pay.

A: Yes, why not. 

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak zvládnout ústní maturitu z angličtiny na jedničku?

3. část poslechu

Hi everybody and welcome to Roger’s Surf School. My name is Sam and I’ll be one of your instructors. Now let me introduce our school. It’s named after Roger García, who used to be one of the best surfers in the area. Roger helped us open the school back in 1995. Soon after that he quit his career as a surfer to become a writer. His latest novel about surfing, which was published a week ago, is really good. And now about your three-day surfing course. You’ll find the timetable of all the surf lessons on the notice board next to the office. Tomorrow, your morning lesson will start at 10 and will last untill noon. After lunch, your surf lesson will begin at quarter past two and finish at quarter to five. Now, about your tomorrow morning’s lesson. I’ll be waiting for you in the carpark at half past nine. So, be at the meeting point on time. Then we’ll go together to our surf shop. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything, but you can borrow a surf board there. I will help you choose one. The school can also lend you cameras which you can use in the water. The photos taken in the water could be a nice memory for you. If you’re scared of waves you should know that we care a lot about your safety. As there are 12 of you, you’ll be divided into four groups of three, and each group will be assisted by one of our experienced instructors. So don’t worry. Near the beach there are many restaurants where you can have lunch. But I recommend the one behind our school, it’s called Cahoy, spelled C-A-H-O-Y. They serve fish, which is definitely worth tasting. Speaking of food, I’d also like to inform you about the refreshments our school offers. There’s tea available during the whole day and is free of charge. If you’d like Coca-Cola or something else to drink, you can buy it in the school’s office. And there is also a fridge where you can put your own drinks or snacks. Okay, one more thing. When the course is over, you’ll be given a bag. It’ll be a small souvenir from us. Alright, that’s all for now. Have you got any questions?

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Otázky zkoušejícího u ústní maturity z angličtiny

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak se u ústní maturity představit a udělat skvělý první dojem?

4. část poslechu

Úloha 21

21. What drink did Jane decide to have?

A: What will you have, Jane? Ho about the dink of the day? It’s really good.

B: Oh, I’ve tried it before and I’m not sure it’s my favourite. I prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

A: You know, it actually is my favourite. Anyway, look, they also have a happy hour offer. With any drink from the bar we can get another one for free.

B: Hmmm, a free drink? Sounds good, but look at the time, happy hour’s passed. It’s too late for that now. Nevermind, I’d like to try something I haven’t had yet. Let me see what’s on the menu. 

A: Well, I have tried every drink that’s on the menu, so feel free to ask me for help.

B: It’s very kind of you. Here, this is it. I’ll have this one. And who knows, it might be my new favourite drink.

A: Okay, and one drink of the day for me.

Úloha 22

22. What does the man think about the air-conditioning in his office?

A: And how do you feel about the air-conditioning in your office, sir?

B: Well, it’s like this: My wife says that havng the air-conditioning on in my office the whole day is unhealthy. And that my collegues and I could get ill. I don’t share her opinion. I believe that what’s unhealthy is sitting in a hot office, breathing poor air quality. So, I turn the air-conditioning on everyday, because nothing helps me feel more comfortable in the office. You see, it’s a pleasant and practical change. I still remember when we only had a little fan which made loud sounds. The only noise that bothers me now is my collegues complaining about the temperature. Anyway, I’m really glad that our company spent money on a quality air-conditioning system. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap at all. It’s great we weren’t left with just the noisy fans.

Úloha 23

23. Why is Mrs York calling Dr Mahmoud?

A: Dr. Mahmoud speaking.

B: Hello Dr. Mahmoud, this is Charlotte York. I’m sorry for calling at this late hour, I had an appoinment with you this afternoon and I’m afraid you’ve given me a prescription for pills which I’m allergic to. But it’s my fault. I forgot to give you more information regarding pills that I can’t use. I apologize. Anyway, I now need you to give me another one for different pills. Would you be so kind? My husband would pick the prescription up for me tomorrow. He has an appointment with you. Is that okay?

A: Sure, no problem. So, tell me about your allergies.

Úloha 24

24. How long does it usually take Sam to get ready in the morning?

A: Sam, I need your advice. Im often late for work, I need to be faster in the morning. Could you tell me how you do it? 

B: Of course. I get up at 6, take a quick shower and I practice yoga for 20 minutes afterwards. 

A: Really? 

B: Yes, then I have breakfast with a cup of special tea. I actually start making my tea just after I get up, because it needs at least 10 minutes to get ready before drinking.

A: Oh, you’re so organized. 

B: Thanks. Now I know that I usually spend 40 minutes on all my morning activities. And because I prepare my clothes in the evening, I save 10 minutes. Otherwise, it would take me 50 minutes to get ready in the morning. And it rarely does. That’s when I decide to watch the 10-minute news on TV.

A: Hmm, so it’s all about planning ahead. 

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