Přepis poslechu jarního didaktického testu z AJ 2020

Přepis úloh poslechu jarního didaktického testu 2020 vám skvěle poslouží jako studijní materiál pro kontrolu toho, jak jste si vedli v poslechové části u maturit z angličtiny  a zda jste textu skutečně rozuměli. Přepis poslechu také velmi dobře poslouží při přípravě na další ročníky státních maturit z anglického jazyka. Přepis maturitního poslechu z angličtiny 2020 pro vás připravil exkluzivně Nový Amos. Mnoho úspěchů.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

1. 1. What is David going to do tonight?

A: David, are you alright? You look tired.
B: I am indeed. I went to bed late last night because I was watching football.
A: Watching football? Shouldn’t you spend more time studying? We have an important exam next week.
B: I know, but every time I sit down to study, I start doing something else like watching TV or playing PC games. I can’t help myself.
A: Ah, I see. We can study together if you want. I can come and help you. Just prepare some sandwiches, we might get hungry.
B: Good idea, that’s very kind of you. Thanks.
A: So, tonight? We could play PC games when we finish, what do you think?
B: Well, the football finals are on this evening so I have to watch for one more night. I can’t miss it.
A: So, tomorrow?
B: Agreed. I’ll be ready and the sandwiches too.

Úloha 2

2. What did the woman eat at the food festival?

Last weekend, there was a food festival in my city. And a friend of mine, Robert, wanted me to go. The first stall was selling grilled fish. Robert tried it and said it was delicious. He thought it was a pity I refused to have any fish, but he didn’t insist that I try. What I was really looking forward to trying was Chinese food. But there was such a long queue to get a bowl of rice with vegetables. I wasn’t willing to wait and, in the end, I didn’t have any. So, Robert suggested we have a hamburger in the American stall, instead of the Chinese food. Meanwhile I discovered that there was an Italian stall with pizza and I had a slice of that. It was tasty but I was still quite hungry. However, when I returned to the American stall, there was no food left.

Úloha 3

3. Which postcard did the couple decide to send to Mary?

A: John, which postcard shall we send to Mary? Definitely one with the sea on it. How about this one? It also has some mountains in the background. It’s so romantic.
B: Maybe too much. Look at the woman on the postcard, she’s just standing on the beach, alone.
A: C’mon John, this is art. Maybe she is waiting for a boat.
B: Why do you think she is waiting for a boat? There isn’t any on the postcard. But the idea with the boat is good, Mary likes boats. How about this one? There is the same woman as on the first postcard but this time, she is sitting on the beach. And she is watching a boat sailing away.
A: Well, if there were some mountains in the background as well, I wouldn’t mind buying it. Although I like the idea of the sitting woman, I still prefer the postcard where the woman is standing, the one I picked out first.
B: Okay, let’s buy the one you prefer. I can always make some photos of boats sailing on the sea during our stay and show them to Mary when we get back.

Úloha 4

4. What is the man selling?

Hi everybody, I’ve just moved and my beautiful and comfortable bed simply doesn’t fit in my new flat. I’m not selling it; I only want to exchange it with someone for a smaller bed. My bed is in good condition and suitable for a large bedroom. I bought it along with a bedside table, but I want to keep the bedside table. I’m also offering a nice chair for sale. I’m prepared to discuss the price. And I’m giving an antique mirror away for free. It has a lovely gold frame. A mirror like this is hard to buy these days.

2. část poslechu

A: Come in, Paul.
B: I came as soon as possible, mom. To avoid the usual afternoon traffic jams, I thought a bus would be a better choice than going by car, but it wasn’t. I should have taken the car. Well, you sounded worried in the phone?
A: I sure am worried, it’s my computer again. It started to make funny noises and it even turned itself off. Something must be wrong with it.
B: Mom, that’s nothing unexpected for such an old PC as you have. I would be surprised if it was working properly. This is not the first time it has happened. Okay, what exactly have you been doing with your PC this time?
A: Well, I only opened my mailbox to check my emails, then I wanted to do online shopping for some books but I didn’t get as far as that because the screen went black before I could even start.
B: Don’t be upset. If you wait for a while, you can use my laptop and do whatever you need on it. I’ll finish upgrading the software on my laptop in ten minutes. Or I can lend you my smartphone and you can open the internet from there right now.
A: That’s very kind of you, but I will wait till you finish the upgrade instead of using your smartphone. Anyway, what to do with my computer?
B: I’ll phone my phone Jerry. He can repair anything, except computers, but he knows a girl who works as an IT specialist and repairs other people’s computers as a hobby.
A: Yeah, those who repair things in their free time as a hobby can do miracles. Just like your uncle’s friends we called last time to repair our washing machine, they did a great job. The machine has been working without any problem since then. But I think repairing my PC might be a waste of time. It’s time to buy a new one. How much do you think it will cost?
B: It depends. I recommend the one I’ve seen in the shopping centre. It costs $500, you can even play PC games on it.
A: Darling, I’m not willing to pay more than $300 for it. It makes no sense for me to buy a computer worth $500 when I only need one for emails and shopping. Would you come along with me to choose one?
B: Sure, how about tomorrow? Shall I pick you up here?
A: Oh, there’s no need, Paul. The bus leaves from here to the shopping centre every quarter of an hour and it doesn’t take more than 25 minutes to get there.
B: Fine then, let’s meet at the shopping centre at 2:30.

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak zvládnout ústní maturitu z angličtiny na jedničku?

3. část poslechu

Hello everybody, welcome to Cobham house and its amazing garden. I will be your guide today and my name is John Ackley, spelled A-C-K-L-E-Y. In medieval times, this name meant an area with oak trees and during our tour today, we are really going to see some. Cobham house has been open as a museum since 1908. In the museum, you will also try some activities. Children will find out how difficult it was to wash dishes 300 years ago. Meanwhile, the adults can try to bake bread. We hope this will help you understand what it was like to live in the time before the invention of electricity. Now, let’s have a few more words about the history of the house and its garden. The house, which is set in a traditional cottage garden is a typical 15th century building. The furniture and the carpets in the house are all from the 17th century though. As you can see, the house looks like a typical family home. But at first, it served as an office owned by a rich businessman. In 1560, the house was sold to the Barrett family who immediately moved in and started gardening in the place of today’s garden. They also changed the color of the house from white to brown. Other 15th century houses in the area are white. The house stayed in the hands of the Barrett’s for another hundred years, until 1695 when they had to sell it due to financial difficulties. A year later, in 1696, the family decided to go to America and start a new life there. Since the Barrett family left the house, the number of plants in the garden has increased. Today, you can find over 170 herbs and, of course, other plants in the garden too. The present owners of the place produce oil from the plants and you have an opportunity to taste it in our gift shop. Now, if you want to take a guided tour of the garden, you’ll have an opportunity to do so. The tour starts at the gates to the garden at 2:45. The owner of the house himself will be waiting for you there to show you around the garden. Please, don’t enter the garden before the tour starts. Now, let’s go and see what’s inside.

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Otázky zkoušejícího u ústní maturity z angličtiny

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak se u ústní maturity představit a udělat skvělý první dojem?

4. část poslechu

Úloha 21

21. Which ticket to Oxford did the man buy today?

A: To Oxford, please.
B: You can have a return ticket for £27.50, or a single ticket for £19.50, sir.
A: £19.50 for a single ticket? I took the same train last week for only £12.85.
B: You need to have a discount card for that, sir.
A: Ah, right. I have it. How much is a return ticket with it?
B: £18.85, sir.
A: So, one please.
B: May I see your discount card, sir?
A: Sure… I can’t find it but I do have it, trust me. Just not with me now.
B: Sir, if you want a ticket for £18.85, you need to show me your discount card. So, it’s £27.50 for a return ticket or £19.50 for a single one.
A: I only have 20 pounds on me, can I pay by credit card?
B: Not today, sir. I’m sorry.
A: Well, it’s decided then, isn’t it?
B: I’m afraid it is. Here’s your ticket sir, and here’s 50 pence.
A: Thank you.

Úloha 22

22. Why does the man want to move out of his flat?

I’m moving out of my flat, although it is in the city centre and that’s where I’ve always wanted to live. The city centre is noisy, I know, but I don’t mind. I hardly ever hear the traffic in my flat. And when I keep my windows closed, my place is silent. The traffic could be a problem if you travel to your office by car. So, the position of the flat I am moving from is convenient for those who work in the city centre. But, as I am starting to work from home next month, the distance from work isn’t an issue for me anymore. What became a problem was finding enough space in the flat for all the things I need to work from home. So I need a flat with much more space. Fortunately, I found one suitable. And, as the new flat is as sunny as the flat I’m leaving, I’m happy.

Úloha 23

23. What does the woman say about her new colleague Peter?

A: Sophie, I met your new colleague Peter. He came to thank me for the comments I had on his report. Can you believe it?
B: Yes, I definitely can. He is so polite. It sure is different to the behaviour of some of our colleagues who have no idea what being polite means. What he and the other colleagues in the office have in common though, is the mess they have on their desks. Okay, unless he puts his things on my desk, I don’t mind. What makes me feel a bit uncomfortable though, is how friendly he is with everybody. You know, I’m a bit shy, and not used to chatting with others on every occasion. I don’t understand how he manages to have all his work done when he stops for a chat with every time anybody walks by. He’s only been here for a week and he’s already done more work than some other employees in a month. Amazing.

Úloha 24

24. Why did Emma not finish her dessert at the Blue Restaurant yesterday?

A: Hi Emma. So, how was dinner at the Blue Restaurant with Jason yesterday? Did you have their chocolate cake for dessert as well?
B: I did. I ordered it, although I wasn’t sure I would eat it all. It was 6:45 already and we had to leave by 7 to get to the cinema.
A: And the meal, how was that?
B: I had some pasta, but guess what. I found a fly in it!
A: Oh, really? And what did you do with the pasta?
B: Well, I didn’t finish it, of course. But at least I had more room in my belly for the chocolate cake. I was so happy when the waiter finally brought it. But the cake tasted different this time. I don’t know why, I just could not enjoy it because of its bad taste. I only had a few bites and then gave it up.
A: So, you needn’t have worry about the time then. Well, did you enjoy the cinema after that?
B: Yes, but we had to run because it took the waiter ages to bring the bill.

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