Přepis poslechu jarního didaktického testu z AJ 2023

Podívejte se na přepis úloh poslechu jarního didaktického testu 2023, který vám skvěle poslouží jako studijní materiál pro kontrolu toho, jak jste si vedli v poslechové části u maturit z angličtiny a zda jste textu skutečně rozuměli. Přepis poslechu také velmi dobře poslouží při přípravě na další ročníky státních maturit z anglického jazyka. Přepis maturitního poslechu z angličtiny 2023 pro vás připravil exkluzivně Nový Amos. Mnoho úspěchů nejen při maturitě z angličtiny.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

1. Which animals did Ben see in the forest?

A: Hi Ben, how was your weekend trip?
B: It was great. We went to a place I’d never been before. It’s in a forest so deep that I had the feeling we could even see some dangerous animals there, like bears.
A: Really? I’m sure it was frightening.
B: Yeah, but in fact we saw something much smaller than bears.
A: Mosquitoes, right? I bet there were a lot of mosquitoes there. That’s why I didn’t go, I hate them.
B: Well, it seems mosquitoes live somewhere else. There were none there but there were lots of tiny mice moving so fast, it was fun to watch them.
A: I would prefer to watch birds. Did you see any?
B: We heard a lot of birds but we couldn’t find out where their singing was coming from, we could only listen to them but I’m sure we’ll go back there and see some birds.

Úloha 2

2. What does the woman’s room look like now?

A: Oh, you’ve moved the plant again, haven’t you?
B: Oh yes, I had to find another place for it because it was too dark next to the door. At first, I tried to put the plant under the window opposite the door. But as it’s too sunny there, I had to move it to the other window. I think it’s the right place for the plant. Look, it has four instead of two leaves. It had two leaves for almost a year, and then, when I moved it to the new place, two more leaves grew in just a month. Of course, I had to move the sofa from under the window to make space for the plant. For now, the sofa is next to the door where the plant used to be. When they deliver the rest of the furniture, I’ll move the sofa to the window opposite the door.

Úloha 3

3. What will happen at 3:00 pm according to the captain of the plane?

Good afternoon passengers, this is your captain speaking. First, I’d like to welcome everyone on board Right Wing flight 86A. We are now at 33,000 feet flying at 400 miles per hour. The time is 1:27 p.m. The cabin crew will be coming by in three minutes to offer you a light snack and drink. Soon after that a 30-minute video will begin and those of you who want to can watch it. Our scheduled arrival at London Heathrow airport is 3:15 p.m. Due to the expected weather change, we will land 15 minutes earlier than planned. The rain clouds, which are now over London, will go away before 3 p.m. so we will get a great view of the city. I’ll speak to you again before we reach our destination. Till then, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Úloha 4

4. What was Linda doing on Saturday evening?

A: Linda, what a shame you didn’t go skiing with us on Saturday evening.
B: I had plans you know?
A: Really? But you don’t like night skiing anyway, do you?
B: I do. I just didn’t go with you because I wanted to go to a rock concert.
A: Oh, I see. Was the music good?
B: I can’t say, as the concert was cancelled a few hours before the start.
A: Why didn’t you come with us then? I’m sure you stayed home and were playing computer games the whole evening. That’s what you always do.
B: I know I play quite often, but you can’t say always. After I learnt that I would have to stay at home, I remembered that my classmates had invited me to go to the cinema with them.
A: And… did you go?
B: I wanted to call them, but just as I was dialling the number, my dad told me he was going skiing. So, I preferred going with him, rather than watching the film. Sorry I didn’t go skiing with you.

2. část poslechu

A: Hi, Penny. What a beautiful summer morning.
B: Hi, Andrew. Ready to go running?
A: I am. Oh, wow. I love your new running shoes. Where did you get them?
B: Oh, thanks. They’re not new, though. I just gave them a good wash.
A: They look perfect. Look at mine. I just bought them this morning, and they already got dirty on my way here. Now they seem older than yours.
B: Good running shoes are important. I bought these this May. That’s when I added an extra mile to my running routine. Until then, I had been running only two miles a day.
A: That’s amazing. The distance I run very much depends on whether I am running with someone or not. For me, running is more like a social event. In fact, I hardly ever go for a run unless somebody goes with me.
B: Hmm. Chatting makes the time go faster, right? I take running by myself as a chance to be alone with my thoughts for a while. I don’t care how much time it takes. Whenever I’m choosing between running on my own or with somebody, I often go for the first option. It’s also good for taking breaks.
A: Oh, yeah. I also take breaks. To take a bite from a chocolate bar.
B: I see. I used to take a chocolate bar with me in case I got hungry while running, too. Now I just have one as soon as I get back home. If I had a chocolate bar before running, I’d feel heavy. So, shall we go now?
A: Oh, no. It’s starting to rain a little. I mean, you don’t want to get wet, do you?
B: Well, there aren’t as many runners out on rainy days as there are on sunny days. And that’s not bad, is it? Besides, when it’s raining, it’s easier for me to breathe. There’s no better time for running than that.
A: I am a little worried, though, because running on wet pavement is a bit dangerous. You know, you could slip, fall, and injure yourself. Like me last weekend.
B: Oh, what happened?
A: Well, I fell and my leg started to hurt immediately. The pain reminded me of injuring my knee two months ago. So, I was worried I had injured it again. Luckily, I hadn’t. But my ankle hurt, so I went to see my doctor, and indeed, it was a bit turned. It still hurts a little, but I can run.
B: I’m sure it’ll be fine soon. So, are you ready to set off?
A: Just one more thing. Next Friday, there’s a World Athletics Championship on TV. How about watching that instead of going running together?
B: That’d be great. Alright, Friday at my place. Now, let’s go running.

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak zvládnout ústní maturitu z angličtiny na jedničku?

3. část poslechu

Hello and welcome to our programme about famous people’s houses. Today we will tell you about Marilyn Monroe’s house in Brentwood, a neighbourhood in Los Angeles. In her lifetime, Marilyn Monroe lived in 43 different houses, but the house in Brentwood was the only one she bought. She did so after her friend told her that she should find a permanent home and suggested that this house was suitable. The decision to buy the house came shortly after her divorce in 1961. She actually bought it the following year, in 1962, but sadly lived there for only six months before her life came to a tragic end.
The cosy house was not as expensive as other houses in the area where famous people lived. Marilyn bought the house for $77,590. Today of course, the price would be much higher.
Built in 1929, Marilyn’s house originally had orange walls and a red roof. It also had two bedrooms instead of the four it has now.
Monroe got new things for the house because she wanted to change a few details there.
What hasn’t changed in the house are the beautiful floors and ceilings. The ceilings were made of wood while stone was used to make the floors. However, Marilyn covered some of the floors with rugs.
When she wasn’t filming, Marilyn spent her time at home. She had few visitors and her housekeeper often found her in bed reading or sleeping. The bath was the only place in the house Marilyn liked even more than her bed.
Since Monroe’s death, the house has had several owners. Some of them were also famous. For example, film director Michael Ritchie, who owned the house from 1994 to 1996. Since 1996, the names of the owners have been kept secret. All we know is that in that year film director Ritchie sold the house to an architect who kept it for several years.
Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for tourists to visit the house at present.
And next time? In the next episode of our series, we’ll tell you about the villa owned by the Doctor for Famous People, James Hughes. Spelled H-U-G-H-E-S. So, don’t forget to turn on your radio again! Now, let’s play a song!

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Otázky zkoušejícího u ústní maturity z angličtiny

ČTĚTE TAKÉ: Jak se u ústní maturity představit a udělat skvělý první dojem?

4. část poslechu

Úloha 21

21. What does Caroline do to fall asleep?

A: Caroline, what’s up?
B: I’m tired. I couldn’t fall asleep last night.
A: When I can’t fall asleep, it’s usually because the room is too hot. So, I open the window.
B: And I’m sure that helps. I tried it once, but our street is too noisy and full of smog.
A: Well, if you can’t open the window, then listen to some music.
B: My sister does that, and it helps her fall asleep. But I always feel pretty much awake then, even if the music is relaxing. I should try counting sheep.
A: Counting sheep? Does it really help? It seems funny to me.
B: I don’t know. My grandma says it helps. I might try it one day. I just make herbal tea.
A: Is drinking tea a good idea?
B: I fall asleep after it, just like you when you open the window.

Úloha 22

22. What does the man think about Fred?

Susi’s brother Fred and I have known each other for three years now. At the beginning of my relationship with Susi, Fred often called to arrange a meeting at the pub with me, but we actually met just once. Why? Because he has this habit of canceling arrangements at the last minute. I can’t help it. It just makes me angry. Obviously not Fred. I haven’t met a calmer person in my life. He just never seems to worry about anything. He’s the complete opposite of a nervous person. You know, he always had the same excuse. Most often that he was sick and had to stay at home. But my mom and Susi saw him in town one time. I wish he hadn’t lied to me at least. So, I stopped answering his calls. But he just doesn’t understand I don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. He still keeps bothering me with his calls and texts. I’m really happy Susi’s not like him.

Úloha 23

23. What is Hannah doing while speaking on the phone?

Hi Liz, it’s Hannah. Thanks for the birthday cake recipe you left on the kitchen table.
I know I’m not a good cook. The kitchen is a mess every time I finish baking but I will try it. I hope the cake will look as good as those I buy in the cake shop. Anyway, I don’t have enough eggs so some shopping is needed. Could you buy six eggs for me on your way home please? I’m too busy working on the birthday card for Peter. I hope you don’t mind me using your coloured pencils to create a brighter picture of the cake. The kitchen table is a terrible mess right now, but I think the card will be done before you come. I promise to tidy all the things up as soon as I finish what I’m doing right now. Anyway, please don’t forget the eggs so I can start baking the cake. Thanks, see ya!

Úloha 24

24. Why did Jim return from his holiday early?

A: Hi, Jim. Back from your holiday? So soon.
B: Well, I thought we’d have to cancel our holiday because I started to feel ill on our way there.
A: Really?
B: Don’t worry. That illness was nothing serious, and I got much better at the seaside. The weather was excellent when we arrived, and our son spent the first two days climbing on the rocks by the ocean. He even argued with us less than usual.
A: Lucky you. An argument often spoils the holiday. So, you could all enjoy those sunny days.
B: Right, except that my wife was a bit worried that our son might break his leg when she saw his dangerous activity.
A: And? Did you stop him?
B: We had a short argument about it with him, but the weather helped the situation. It started to rain, so he couldn’t continue this not-so-safe behavior. And, as we didn’t see the sun for the next two days, we packed our luggage, and here I am.
A: I’m sorry for you, but at least you came back without any problems with a broken leg.

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