Vzorové odpovědi na nejčastější maturitní otázky: Česká republika

Jaké jsou nejčastější maturitní otázky u maturitní ústní zkoušky z angličtiny na maturitní téma Czech Republic? Na Českou republiku jsme vybrali dvacet nejčastěji pokládaných otázek a pro inspiraci připravili vzorové odpovědi na jedničku.

Vypracované maturitní otázky Czech Republic a vzorové odpovědi na jedničku

1. Where is the Czech Republic (the CR) situated? Tell me about it.

Well, it is said the Czech Republic is situated in the heart of Europe, which, in other words, means the Central Europe.

2. Which are the neighbouring countries of the CR? Tell me about it.

There are four neighbouring countries: Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany. The history of those countries in relation to the Czech Republic is very rich.

3. Where are the neighbouring countries situated? Tell me about it.

Well, we can describe the locations of our neighbouring countries by means of the world directions. Poland is in the north, Slovakia is in the east, Austria is in the south and Germany is in the west.

4. What is the geography of the CR like? Tell me about it.

Although the Czech Republic isn’t a large country, the geography is quite diverse. You may find mountainous areas such as the highest Krkonoše mountains, you may find lowlands with large fields and large rivers, such as the Labe, Vltava or Morava. There are so many interesting facts about the geography of the Czech Republic.

5. What is the climate of the CR? Tell me about it.

The climate is continental. The summer is quite hot with days with the temperature of more than 30 centigrades. On the other hand, in winter you may experience days with more than minus 30 centigrade, especially in January or February. The spring comes usually in March or April and the autumn comes before the winter. Sometimes the autumn is sunny and you may enjoy the pleasant mood of the colourful falling leaves.

6. What is the population of the CR? Tell me about it.

The population of the Czech Republic is about ten or eleven million; it is similar to the population of Portugal, for example. About a half of the people live in the cities, a significant part of the population lives in the country. The largest cities are the capital city Prague, next Brno (in Moravia), Ostrava, Olomouc, Liberec, well-known Plzeň, České Budějovice, and others.

7. What is the capital city of the CR? Tell me about it.

The capital is in the center of Bohemia. Prague has a population of about a million and a half residents, foreigners or for example students. It is the center of government, business, culture, and other fields. If you travel around the worlds and people ask you where you are from, they might be confused when you answer you are from the Czech Republic or Czechia… But if you say you are from Prague, most of them have the idea. Prague is a world-famous city.

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8. Into which three political parts can the CR be divided? Tell me about it.

There are three political parts in the Czech Republic. It is Bohemia in the west, Moravia in the south-east and Silesia in the north-east. Each region is somehow special, especially for their dialect, culture, and habits.

9. Which are the main administrative parts of the CR? Tell me about it.

The main administrative parts are Regions (for example the Liberec Region, the Královehradecký Region) and so on, usually named after the regional city. Other, smaller administrative parts are districts.

10. What is the political system of the CR like? Tell me about it.

The political system is democratic. We have a parliament divided into a House of Deputies and the Senate and the Presidential office. The most powerful part of the parliament is the House of Deputies; people vote their preferred political party every four years.

11. Who is the actual president of the Czech Republic? And prime minister? Tell me about it.

After Mr. Václav Havel, the first democratic president after the sad era of communism and Mr. Václav Klaus, the actual president is Mr. Miloš Zeman, who was elected in 2013.

12. Which are the biggest political parties? Tell me about it.

It is quite a common division as in any other country in the world. The right-wing parties are for example TOP 09 or ODS, the left-wing parties are ČSSD (social democrats) or KSČM (the communists) and there are ANO and KDU-ČSL (the people’s Christian party) standing in the middle of the political spectrum.

13. How can you travel in the CR? Tell me about it.

You may use the usual spectrum of travelling possibilities. The most common is travelling by car and by bus. People also use trains and planes for holidays and business trips. In some cities, you may travel by trams and in Prague, there is a subway. Taxis are popular in cities and towns. The infrastructure in 2015 is not as good as in Germany (roads), but it is at quite a good level.

14. Where are the international airports of the CR? Tell me about it.

The most important airport is the Vácav Havel Airport in Prague. Other international airports are situated in Brno, Ostrava, and Karlovy Vary.

15. Which places of the CR are the most popular for tourists? Why? Tell me about it.

Well, definitely, it is the capital – Prague. It is full of tourist from all over the world for all over the year. Other popular places are ski centres (Špindlerův Mlýn, Harrachov etc.), Moravia is famous for its wine culture and hospitality. The Czech Republic is also full of historical monuments such as castles (most famous Karlštejn). You may enjoy the Czech countryside or the cities. It is up to you.

16. Which holiday destinations are popular for the Czech tourists? Why? Tell me about it.

It depends. But I think most of the Czechs prefer travelling to the mountains or camps. They like hiking, cycling or relaxing around lakes. Máchovo lake (close to Doksy) is a very popular camping, for example.

17. What are the traditional Czech meals? Tell me about it.

Well, it is said that the Czech cuisine is not very healthy. I don’t think so, although it is true that the Czechs are “meat-eaters”. Typical Czech meal is “Knedlo zelo vepřo” – dumplings, sauerkraut, and pork meat. It is funny that tourists also like eating the “Smažák” – fried cheese with french fries and Tartar sauce. The national beverage is definitely beer.

18. How would you describe a typical Czech? Tell me about it.

Well, everyone is different and that is nice. The typical Czech listens to rock music, drinks beer, goes to the pub every Friday and thinks the Czech Republic is in the centre of the world. I think the Czechs complain a lot, but they usually donť do anything to fix the problem. I think Czechs are too passive as citizens. But as I said, it depends.

19. How would you describe a typical Moravian? Tell me about it.

The typical Moravian has a good mood, smiles, is helpful and hospitable. Maybe it is the warmer climate and wine growing, which all the Moravians are proud of.

20. Which people from the CR are world-famous? Why? Tell me about it.

I think Mr. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia is quite famous for his enlightened view of the European world of his time. Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius) – the Teacher of Nations, Mr. Václav Havel – the first democratic president, Miloš Forman – a great world director, or Mr. Karel Gott – a famous singer known not only in the Czech Republic but also in Germany.

Proč by naše vzorové odpovědi na maturitní otázky získali vynikající hodnocení?

  • odpovídáme na to, na co se nás zkoušející ptá – jsme věcní
  • v odpovědích používáme fakta o České republice
  • naše odpovědi jsou dostatečně podrobné (průměrně 20-30 slov každá odpověď)
  • naše odpovědi mají logiku, “neplácáme páté přes deváté” – a i to se u maturity z angličtiny zkouší
  • naše odpovědi jsou vždy vhodně zakončené (myšlenky mají konec)
  • používáme angličtinu na maturitní úrovni
  • některé otázky nemají jasnou odpověď, a proto v odpovědích na ně vyjadřujeme názory a domněnky

Dalších 10 maturitních otázek Czech Republic na názory u maturity z angličtiny

1. Which place in the CR is your favourite? Why?

I can’t say I have a favourite place in my country. I like being in my town, sometimes I enjoy visiting a large city, Brno, or Prague. Hiking in the Bílé Karpaty mountains is fine.

2. Which place in the CR would you recommend to a tourist? Why?

Definitely the capital. Prague is full of monuments, cultural events and it is definitely the highlight of the Czech Republic for tourists.

3. What is your favourite Czech music? Why?

I like Charlie Straight – they don’t speak Czech but thy are great musicians. Sometimes, I like listening to Czech rap music, such as the PSH.

4. What is your favourite Czech meal? Why?

The Czech meal I like the most is “Párek v rohlíku” – a sausage in the roll. I like it with ketchup or mustard. I talked to my friend from Britain and they said it is definitely a specialty of the Czech Republic.

5. Which Czech film do you think is the most popular abroad? Why?

I think Kolja is very famous, it also got the Oskar award. The story of the film is very deep and it shows many things related to the Czech Republic.

6. Which means of transport do you think is the most popular for Czechs? Why?

I suppose Czechs like driving their cars because it is the most comfortable means of transport. When I pass the driving license tests, I will do my best to get a car too.

7. What is better for you: living in Prague or in the Czech countryside? Why?

For me, it is the city. I am from Brno and I like when all the service is close: the shops, pubs and so on.

8. Do you understand Slovak? Tell me about it

Yes, I do. The Slovak language is quite similar to Czech and I also listen to Slovak music bands, such as Kontrafakt or Dara Rollins.

9. Do you think people from the neighbouring countries like the CR? Why? / Why not?

As far I know, there are more and more tourists from Poland and Germany in Brno every year. So I think yes.

10. Have you ever thought of living in another country? Why? / Why not?

I have. Many times. I think everyone should leave the homeland for some time, for a month at least or half a year. After the experience obtained abroad you may compare your own country to another and have your eyes wide open. After I finish school, I am going to try to find a job abroad, in Germany or in Greece.

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