Přepis poslechu podzimního didaktického testu z AJ 2016

didakticky-test-anglictina-2016-podzim-prepis-poslechuPřepis poslechu podzimního didaktického testu 2016 Vám skvěle poslouží ke kontrole poslechové části didaktického testu z angličtiny a ověříte si tak, že jste všemu rozuměli. Již tradičně pro Vás Nový Amos exkluzivně připravil přepis maturitního poslechu. Transkript poslouží všem maturantům tohoto ročníku a dalším studentů, kteří se na maturitu teprve připravují. Přejeme mnoho pohodové přípravy na maturitu z angličtiny.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

What is the boy going to do to surprise his parents?

A: Mom and dad are coming back from their holiday tomorrow, let’s surprise them! You can do the hoovering, and repair the letterbox.

B: Okay. And do you know where the toolbox is?

A: I think dad left it at our weekend house when he was repairing the door there.

B: Pity, okay. So how about cooking a welcome home lunch for them?

A: Why not! I can do it but you’ll do the hoovering. It will be easier than fixing things.

B: And boring at the same time. Actually, why don’t we change the roles this time? You take the hoover and I’ll be the chef. How hard can it be with a little help from the internet? They advise you on anything there… building letterboxes, fixing doors, so, why not a recipe?

A: Okay, let’s do it like that.

Úloha 2

What time does the nurse want Mr. March to come tomorrow?

Hello, Mr. March, this is Linda from doctor Flinn’s office. I’m calling about tomorrow’s appointment at 12:30. Would it be possible for you to come at a different time? I apologize for the change but doctor Flinn has an important meeting tomorrow at 12:45. So he’d need to see you a bit earlier and he asked me to change your appointment to 12:00, if possible. Do you think you could make it? Could you please call me back before 11:15 tomorrow, so that I know you got my message in time? Thanks.

Úloha 3

Which handbag will Tina take to the ball?

A: Tadaa, my dress for the school ball.

B: Tina, it’s lovely! And what handbag will you take with it?

A: I’ve got a round one with small hearts on it. It used to have a long chain but that’s lost now.

B: Round? I don’t know, it sounds old-fashioned to me. You can have my handbag, it’s square with a long chain.

A: Do you mean the one with stars on it?

B: Yes, but actually, there’s a big heart with stars around it.

A: It sounds wonderful. Can I really borrow it?

B: Sure, just be careful with it. It was quite expensive.

A: Oh no. In that case, I’m taking mine. It’s true that it’s a bit old-fashioned but I’ll be more relaxed. Thanks anyway.

B: Your loss. Square handbags are in!

Úloha 4

Which thing is the most important for the man?

A: May I ask you, what thing could you not live without?

B: Well, that’s a difficult question. I’m quite sure about my wife, she would kill me if I’d get rid of our TV. She loves it but I don’t really watch TV myself. I play computer games on my laptop from time to time but in fact, there’s nothing in the house that I absolutely need for my life. I prefer being outdoors, fishing and hiking, but I have to say the car is really necessary for me. As we don’t live in the city, without it, I’d be completely isolated in the woods. A phone would be important but the phone signal isn’t very reliable there so it’s useless for me. So, the vehicle is my only connection to the outside world.

2. část poslechu

A: Hi, you’re listening to Radio 1 and this is Lauren Fischer. My guest today is Valerie Fischer. You may think that we are sisters from our surnames but we aren’t even relatives. Valerie works for the guide-dogs organization which is one of the largest training centers of dogs for blind people in the country and is here to tell us more about it.

B: Hi! Well, the guide-dogs organization was founded in 1931 and I’ve been in the organization since 1991.

A: Oh, it’s been a while. And tell me, where does the organization get money? Do you receive any government funding?

B: To be honest, we cannot function without the money we get from the general public. We’ve asked the government to support us financially a few times, but so far without any success. So, the money from the public is the only money we get.

A: But there are also other ways to help, aren’t there?

B: Sure, you can become a temporary owner of a guide dog puppy. Which means that it will live at your home for some time and you will take care of it. As soon as the puppy has its first birthday, it goes to our dog training school for formal training.

A: And how about the costs?

B: The organization provides all the necessary equipment and veterinary care for free. As our puppies need special dry dog food, we provide it to the temporary owners at no cost too. However, if the need to buy some extra dog food themselves, they keep the receipts and then come to us to get their money back.

A: Is it true that you have taken care of nearly 20 puppies so far?

B: Actually, in over 20 years, I’ve raised 22 puppies.

A: Really? And isn’t it difficult to send the puppy you’ve taken care of to the dog training school?

A: Well, it’s true that when the puppy has to leave it makes a lot of temporary owners sad, but I have opposite feelings. I always think how proud I am of the job my puppy will be doing as a fully trained guide dog.

B: And we also need to mention the age limit.

A: Yes, you have to be 18+ to become a temporary guide dog puppy owner. But we also welcome people age 16+ if they just want to walk some guide dogs.

B: Thank you, Valerie. And I think now it’s time for listeners’ questions.

3. část poslechu

A: If you’ve ever lost anything while travelling through Britain, chances are that it passed to the hands of Mr. Cheltany. We are now in his shop to find out more about his unique business.
B: Oh, thank you for coming. And just one little thing, my surname is pronounced Cheltany, and it’s spelled C-H-E-L-T-A-N-Y. So, welcome to my shop. The idea to sell forgotten things actually came from British Railways in 2004. Two years late, in 2006, I opened this shop here and I called it simply “Lost property sale”. Today, nearly two-thirds of the items in my shop come from the British Railways. Last year, for example, 156 800 forgotten items were collected at British Railway stations alone. And 25 600 of these things went to my shop. After spending some time in lost-and-found departments, of course. You see, in Britain, lost-and-found departments don’t keep the lost objects long. Travellers only have 15 weeks to ask for their lost objects and get them back. You’d think that people at railways stations mostly forget glasses and mobile phones but that’s not true. It’s umbrellas. We get about 20 of them every day. Coats and jackets appear among the lost objects quite often too. However, the most expensive lost things like laptops and iPads are found at airports. It’s strange that some people don’t go to the lost-and-found departments to collect these items. The most expensive object ever found is a watch which was worth 26 000 pounds. When I started the shop, I thought that some things would be difficult to sell. But surprisingly, for example, used clothes and mobile phones sell very well. However, it’s books that are the most often sold at all items for customers. I think it’s great when forgotten things find new owners, and it’s also a good form of recycling. So now, have a look around.

4. část poslechu

Úloha 21

A: Hey Jason. Where’s your car?

B: At the garage. I’m on my way there now.

A: Can I give you a lift?

B: Well, that would be nice.

A: What’s the problem? Having trouble with the engine again?

B: The engine’s fine. They’re changing my tyres now. It’s November and wintertime is coming.

A: Yeah, I had mine changed last week but I’ll have to go there again, my car needs an oil change.

B: I had the oil changed last month because there was a special offer, a free car wash with every oil change. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get a free car wash too.

Úloha 22

This month won’t have a very good start for those born under the Aquarius sign. You’ll have arguments with your boss but there’s no need to change your job. The job you have now is exactly what you need. And what’s more, it won’t take long before your boss will increase your salary. That doesn’t mean you should start spending your money. Now is a much better time for saving. This month is also good for meeting strangers. You should join some group and meet people with similar interests. But don’t think of romance! This month, dating won’t be as important as good conversation with a stranger.

Úloha 23

A: And here’s another question, how do you learn about the world around you?

B: When I drive, I listen to the radio. But not to the news, just music. And when I come home, I go through the news servers. Then I check the news on TV and compare the internet and TV information. But neither gives you a detailed picture of the world. That’s why I prefer reading newspapers. Actually, I’m a newspaper maniac. As I buy three different ones daily to read the news. I think that if you want to have a good picture of reality, you shouldn’t rely on TV or the internet.

Úloha 24

A: So, what shall we have today, Lucy?

B: I think I’ll have tea as usual but no sugar this time. I have to watch my figure.

A: I suggest honey instead, it’s lovely with their herbal tea. Or do you still prefer black?

B: Yes, I do. But no honey and not even any milk today. I prefer my tea milky but it was a shock for me to find out how many calories milk has! And low-fat milk is not available here.

A: Well, you can have your tea with a slice of lemon instead of milk then.

B: Sounds good.

A: I’ll order it for you and I’ll have that herbal tea with honey.

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