Přepis poslechu jarního didaktického testu z AJ 2013

Nový Amos pro vás připravil přepis maturitního poslechu z anglického jazyka 2013 jaro, vše k efektivní přípravě k maturitě z angličtiny. Poslechněte si poslechový subtest nejprve bez přepisu a následně s přepisem poslechu. Je to efektivní metoda učení se cizím jazykům. S přepisem poslechu si navíc můžete zkontrolovat nebo ujasnit pasáže, kterým jste třeba příliš nerozuměli. Přejeme mnoho pohodové přípravy na maturitu z AJ.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

Justin, it’s Carol. Listen, I’ve been waiting for nearly half an hour now, where are you? And why aren’t you answering your phone? I hope everything’s ok. Look, it was too cold to wait out on the street corner, so I’ve gone inside. Do you know that little café across the street? Well, you’ll find me there. But I won’t be there forever. If you don’t show up soon, I’m going to the cinema without you. The film starts in an hour and I’ve been wanting to see it all week, so please, hurry!

Úloha 2

Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday. I don’t have to wake up early, so I’m going to sleep in. I should go to the gym when I wake up, though it won’t hurt to skip it this week. After all, I’m going hiking at the weekend and I’ll get plenty of exercise from that. So I’m gonna be lazy and watch a film instead. There’s that new one about the woman who gets lost in the mountains and I’m sure John would like to go, too. It’s a holiday and we both need to relax, so that decides it. Exercising can wait.

Úloha 3

M: Oh no, why am I always loosing things?

W: What are you looking for now?

M: Oh this isn’t good.

W: Don’t tell me you’ve lost your wallet.

M: That’s in my coat pocket, thankfully. But if I don’t find my car-key, I’ll have to take the bus to work. Have you seen it anywhere?

W: You keep everything in your briefcase. Have you looked there?

M: My briefcase was the first place I’ve looked. Well, I’ll have to search for it when I get home. I need to go. Could you lend me some money for a bus ticket? I haven’t got any change.

Úloha 4

M: Have you finished packing? Remember, we have to leave early tomorrow morning.

W: I know, don’t worry.

M: Ok, but make sure you have everything. The last time we went on holiday, you left your hiking boots at home and we couldn’t explore any of the mountains.

W: I won’t forget anything. Look, I have my swimsuit and towel, and we can buy suntan lotion at a shop on the beach.

M: I don’t want to walk all over the place trying to find things there. It’s not a large city, you know. It’s not like New York where you can just buy things whenever you want.

W: Oh please, you worry too much. Now let me pack!

2. část poslechu

Hello everybody,

my name is Andrea and on behalf of Familiar tours, I’d like to welcome you to Saint José del Cabo. Right now, I’d like to take a minute to introduce the area to you and discuss some safety points. Firstly, I ask you not to eat or drink on the bus. A warm lunch is waiting for you at the hotel where we should arrive in about 15 minutes. Today’s lunch is either vegetarian pasta or buttered fish. Secondly, please know that alcohol is allowed, but it is against the law to get drunk in public. So, enjoy your holiday, but drink carefully. Saint José is a beautiful, quiet city where you can relax, sit on the beach and enjoy great food. You can walk into town and enjoy the fountains or take an evening walk along the beach. However, swimming is forbidden in the city. The water is not safe because of strong currents. If you enjoy swimming in the ocean, Cabo Saint Lucas is the place to go. Buses travel there daily from your hotel, the schedule is in the hotel reception. When shopping, please remember that not every shop accepts credit cards. Some will accept American or Canadian dollars, but it’s always better to pay with local currency. If you need to exchange money, we don’t recommend doing it at the hotel reception desk because you won’t get a fair rate. Please, use a bank for money exchange. Also, if you want to get around the city, we recommend that you take the local bus rather than a taxi. The bus costs about one dollar and the driver can give you change if you don’t have the exact amount. If you do decide to take a taxi, make sure that you agree on a price before you go. We’re entering the city now, so please, sit back and enjoy the view of the ocean. I ask you remain in your seats until we come to a complete stop. My colleague Javier will meet us at the hotel to take your bags. Please, double-check to make sure your bag has been taken off the bus. On behalf of Familiar tours, I wish you a wonderful stay in Saint José.

3. část poslechu

M: Hi honey, it’s me. Listen, I’m at the office and I totally forgot to bring my notebook with me. It’s on the table. Could you please bring it to me?

W: What? You want me to drive all the way to your office? Why don’t you come home and get it yourself?

M: I don’t have time. I’m having a meeting right now and then I have a presentation at 11 o’clock. Everything I need is saved on that notebook, including everything I need for my 3 o’clock meeting today.

W: Well, you should have solved that before you left the house. You’re always forgetting something. Last week, it was your wallet, and I had to meet you at the restaurant just to pay for your lunch.

M: Listen, I’m sorry. I was running late and I just forgot.

W: Well, ok. I have an appointment with my hairdresser this morning, so I drop it off on the way to see her.

M: Thank you.

W: So, should I leave it at the reception or do you want me to bring it to your office on the third floor?

M: No, I won’t be in my office because I’m having the meeting. You need to go to Martin. He’s on the second floor. I’ll see him after the meeting.

W: Ok, but who is Martin?

M: Martin Cipperton. You met him once at a company dinner, remember?

W: No, I don’t. Let me write that down. How do you spell his last name?

M: Cipperton. C-I-P-P-E-R-T-O-N.

W: Ok, got it.

M: Thank you, honey. I really owe you one.

W: You sure do. In fact, I don’t think I’m gonna cook tonight. Instead, I want you to bring me a pizza from the restaurant near your work. The one opposite the steakhouse.

M: Sure, but I won’t finish until 6.30 tonight, so I’ll be home at 7.15. See you then.

W: Bye.

4. část poslechu

Úloha 20

Attention passengers, because of the weather, there has been a change in schedule for all flights to Great Britain. There is a heavy storm over London, so all flights there are cancelled until further notice. The flight to Birmingham will depart 2 hours late at 1.45 PM. The 12 o’clock flight to Manchester is postponed to 3.15. And unfortunately, all flights to Edinburgh are postponed until tomorrow morning. For complete details of changes, please ask at the information desk or at your gate of departure. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Úloha 21

W: Hey Paul, how was your tennis match yesterday?

M: Oh, I was terrible. My head hurts just thinking about it.

W: You’ve never lost before? What went wrong?

M: Well, I think I overworked myself. I was training so hard last week that I injured both my arm and my knee.

W: Oh no!

M: Yeah, but I went to the doctor and he gave me something for the pain. Luckily, my arm felt ok during the game, but my knee… well, that’s a different story. I had trouble running because it hurt so much.

W: Well, I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

Úloha 22

Hello Justin, it’s me, Christine. Listen, there’s something wrong with my car. It was working fine this morning when I left home when I went for lunch, the engine was making a strange sound. But I just went into the restaurant and had lunch, and it was ok when I drove back to work. But I’ve just try it again at 6 o’clock now and it wouldn’t start. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to meet you at 7. Everyone’s already left the office, so I’m the only one here. It looks like I’ll have to call a taxi or spend the night here.

Úloha 23

W: Excuse me, do you know which tram goes to the shopping centre?

M: Uhm, tram number 10 usually goes straight there, although that line is under reconstruction now. But there’s a bus instead, I think one should come in about 15 minutes.

W: Oh dear, I’m supposed to meet my friend in 15 minutes. Isn’t there anything faster?

M: Well, there’s an underground station over there, it’s only a 5 minute walk. And then another 5 minutes to the shopping centre. Oh wait, look, here comes the bus now! That means you needn’t take the underground.

W: Perfect, thank you so much.

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