Přepis poslechu ilustračního didaktického testu z AJ 2012

Po poslechovém tréninku k maturitě z angličtiny je ideálním upevněním následný poslech spolu se čtením přepisu. Maturitní přepis poslechu 2012 ilustrační pro všechny maturanty z angličtiny připravil Nový Amos. Pokud jste třeba něčemu v poslechu nerozuměli, přepis poslechu vám poslouží k efektivní kontrole. Poslouchat a číst přepis můžete v klidu a teple svého domova na svém počítači či mobilu. Mnoho úspěchů.

1. část poslechu

Úloha 1

What is the boy going to do tomorrow?

M: Mom, could I borrow some money for tomorrow?

W: What did you do with your pocket money?

M: I spent it at the cinema last weekend.

W: Ah.

M: Tickets are ten pounds now and popcorn is quite expensive, too.

W: Okay, and what do you need money for this time?

M: I’m going to the lake with the guys from the football team. John is driving us there and I need to help pay for the petrol and food.

W: To the lake? But you don’t even know how to swim.

M: Mom, we won’t be in the lake, we’re having a barbecue by the water. Steaks and hamburgers, see. It’s going to be fun.

W: Well, I’ll give you ten pounds if you promise not to waste it all on burgers. Buy some vegetables, too!

Úloha 2

Attention passengers, because of ongoing construction, Oxford Street and France Avenue will be closed to all traffic today. All trams and buses, which pass through these streets, are cancelled until Friday. If you need to travel to either of these streets, please use the red line underground. Also, please note that the underground station at Crystal Shopping Centre is closed today for repairs. But a special bus will go there directly from both North Park and Tower Station. Thank you for your understanding.

Úloha 3

M: Amy, what are you doing in there? You’re going to be late for school.

W: Just a minute, dad. I’m trying to find something.

M: Don’t tell me you’ve lost your homework again.

W: No, that’s in my bag.

M: Well, what is it then? We have to go.

W: Last night I fell asleep while reading a book in bed. I woke up this morning and found the book on the floor, but I have no idea where my glasses are. I’ve looked under my blanket and under the bed, if I don’t find them, I won’t be able to read anything or do my homework.

Úloha 4

Hello Jared, it’s Megan. Listen, I’m really sorry, but I have to cancel dinner tonight. You know I’ve been in with the flu, right? Well, I’m much better today, but it seems that now my son has it. He’s been in bed all day, so I really must stay home tonight to make sure that he’s all right. I won’t be able to meet you tomorrow either, I’m afraid. I need to pick-up a friend from the airport. Her flight lands around dinner time, so we’ll have to see each other sometime next week. Are you free on Tuesday? Let me know, ok? Bye!

2. část poslechu

As you can see, Blanc Mansion is one of the most beautiful buildings in England. And although it looks like as it was built in the sixteenth century, it’s actually much newer than that. It was constructed just eighteen years ago at the end of the twentieth century. It looks older because the owner paid to have the building look like the sixteenth century residence. And did you know that every stone in this building was imported from abroad? Yes, not a single stone is from England. They were all taken from Mont Blanc, France. Shipped by train to the English Channel and brought over by boat. The owner wanted the house to be built from materials from his home country. In fact, even the earth used in the foundations was brought from his birthplace near Mont Blanc. As he once said: “My family may now live in England, but my heart will always live in France.” Now, please come with me into the dining hall. As you can see, this room is magnificent. It’s one of the largest rooms in the mansion, but not the largest. The living room, which we’ll see next, is even larger. The dining hall however, was the most expensive room to construct. The large columns along the wall are valued at one hundred thousand pounds each. And their only purpose is beauty. They offer no structural support to the building at all. The owner simply wanted them here to make the room look beautiful. He told his architect that he didn’t want to eat in an ugly room. Now if you look up, you’ll notice a wonderful painting across the hall ceiling. The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is famous for its ceiling, but this painting here in Blanc Mansion is actually larger. Notice however, that unlike the Sistine Chapel, this painting contains no religious theme at all. The owner was an atheist and he didn’t want any religious symbols used in the design of this building. So, the painting you see here is of Mont Blanc’s mountain landscapes and views, painted to remind visitors of a real Mont Blanc. Now if you come with me, I’ll take you to the living room, where we’ll see some very unusual furniture…

3. část poslechu

W: Thank you for calling United Airlines. This is Jessica, how may I help you?

M: Hi, I’m calling because of my luggage. I flew in to New York today and my bags were somehow lost along the way. I spoke to someone from United Airlines earlier and he promised me that they would be delivered to my hotel by eight o’clock. It’s almost nine o’clock now though, and I still don’t have my luggage.

W: I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Could you tell me your name please?

M: It’s Mark Bennett.

W: Could you spell your last name for me, Mr. Bennett?

M: Yes, it’s B-E-N-N-E-T-T.

W: Thank you, sir. And do you remember your flight number?

M: I was on United Airlines flight number 2017 from Chicago to New York.

W: Hmm, my computer shows that our delivery man left two hours ago. He should be at your hotel by now. Well, he just started working for us on Tuesday, so he’s not too familiar with everything yet.

M: I understand, but I have a business meeting tomorrow morning and there is very important document in my luggage that I need. If I don’t have it, I could lose my job.

W: Oh dear, listen, I’ll try calling the delivery man. Could you hold the line, Mr. Bennett?

M: Sure.

W: Hm, well, I’ve talked to the delivery man and he said he went to your hotel, but there wasn’t anyone with your name checked-in. You are staying at the Gold Towers Hotel, aren’t you, Mr. Bennett?

M: The Gold Towers? No, no, I’m at the Gold Star Hotel near the city park.

W: Ah, yes. Now I understand. It’s on Park Street, isn’t it?

M: Yes, it is.

W: Well, that explains it. Our delivery man went to the wrong hotel. Well, now that we know what the problem is, I can assure you that you’ll have your luggage within the next half hour. I’ll tell him to take it to you, immediately.

4. část poslechu

Úloha 20

Oh that’s just perfect. I’m already ten minutes late. Where are they? If I don’t leave soon, I’m going to have a lot of trouble. The boss is already angry that I lost the financial report last week and he’ll kill me if I miss the meeting this morning. Why am I so careless? I once spent hours looking for my glasses and they were right on my nose. I’d been wearing them the whole time. And now I can’t drive to work because I have no idea where my car keys are. I’m such an idiot. Where could they be? Oh.

Úloha 21

M: It’s a lovely day, why don’t we go outside?

W: And do what?

M: Well, we haven’t ridden our bicycles for ages. We could go for a ride to the park.

W: Ok, but I’ll have to borrow a bicycle from someone. Mine needs repairing, remember? Could I use your sister’s?

M: No, she took hers with her to the mountains. She’s gone camping and won’t be back until Monday. Why don’t you ask Matt? He never uses his bicycle.

W: Yeah, which is why he sold it last week.

M: Well, let’s just go for a walk. We can go cycling next week after my sister returns from camping.

W: Sounds good to me.

Úloha 22

Well, my job isn’t the worst, but it’s not the best either. I work from home, so I have flexible working hours. The money isn’t bad either. I used to work for a large company. I worked long, stressful hours and the pay was terrible. So, what I’m doing now is certainly better. And I don’t have any horrible colleagues to worry about either. On the other hand, I do feel quite lonely. At home, you don’t have anyone to talk to. Sometimes I really miss having colleagues, even the bad ones. That’s the worst part.

Úloha 23

W: Hey, Peter. Do you need a lift to work?

M: Sure, thanks. My car is still in the garage.

W: I thought so. I never see you walking unless there is something with your car. What’s the problem this time? Is it the engine?

M: Thankfully no. The last time I had problems with the engine, it cost me a fortune to repair! But I’m having a problem with the lights now. They won’t turn on, so I can’t drive at night.

W: Oh that’s not good. But it shouldn’t cost too much to repair. I should take my car to the garage soon, too. It’s been a long time since I’ve changed the oil.

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